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#1 CBD Source in Charleston

Our Trained Experts Can Assist You in Finding the Best CBD Product For Your Needs

  • First Retailer in South Carolina to carry CBD

  • Offering the highest quality products since 2015

  • Staff is trained by the Medical Cannabis Institute

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Eucalyptus Wellness CBD Oil Charleston, SC - Palmetto Harmony - Charlotte's Webb

The Best CBD Brands Including

We have oils, capsules, topical creams, vaporizing oils, teas, body care and edibles.

  • Palmetto Harmony

  • Charlotte’s Webb

  • Primo Plant Remedies

  • Mary’s Nutritionals

  • Kana Beauty

  • WholeMade Hemp Co

  • Buddha’s Tea

100% of Our CBD Products Are Grown in the USA

  • Our CBD products are 100% organic and come with Third Party Analysis certificates

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CBD (Cannabidiol) Frequently Asked Questions